Presenters at the 2011 ICI/PRO Conference

Tom Scotto is an USA Cycling Elite Level Coach and lead Master Instructor at ICI/PRO. I’ve got the chance to work with some great coaches and sports professionals who have helped me continue to learn and grow. During my cycling transformation 10 years ago I wondered unsuspectingly into the world of indoor cycling. I experienced Spinning® for the first time and left more intrigued than inspired. I didn’t see any other “cyclists” in the room and found instructors asking me to move on the bike in a way I was not accustomed to on the my bike outside. So I decided to change that. I started teaching in 2002 and in 2005 founded Stage5 Cycling to bring some of the real world cycling and coaching concepts into the indoor cycling studio. This is really where I found that cycling had become the sum of my life. I got to use my background in technology and design, my degree and love for music (graduated from Berklee College of Music, Commercial Arranging, Drums) and my coaching and racing skills together to create dynamic classes based on sound training concepts. I used full-color charts and profiles, music that matched the tempo and emotion and targeted each ride to a specific training focus.

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As Stage5 Cycling instructor workshops and certification started to become more and more popular across the country, I was introduced to Gene Nacey of Cycling Fusion through ICI/Pro. It didn’t take long to realized that Gene and I shared the same vision and had complimentary skills. In October, 2010, Stage5 Cycling merged with Cycling Fusion. And now, together with Heart Zones® Cycling (purchased by Cycling Fusion a month prior), we have amassed one of the most exciting teams equipped to move indoor cycling into the future. “Limits are just placeholders pointing us to our next victory”. – Tom Scotto

Gene Nacey at the Indoor Cycle Instructor PRO conferenceThe business of cycling has become a second career for Gene (Gino) Nacey. It is a veritable collision of his passion for cycling and an insatiable thirst to create something new. After being certified as a Spinning® instructor, Gene landed in Heart Zones territory under the mentorship of Sally Edwards, where he became a Master Trainer and the go-to-guy for Training with Power. This work with power lead Gene to writing the first book produced for training with indoor power bikes, Power Training.
Gene is also a certified USA Cycling coach, and in 2007 opened Global Ride Training Center, an Indoor Cycling, Yoga & Pilates studio in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA. Along the way though, he had a vision for “bringing the outside in”, and through this process has combined a life long hobby of video editing to create Global Ride Productions, a
video production company that creates virtual cycling DVDs. Despite having 2 bachelor degrees, a masters degree in public health, and being a former entrepreneur of the year, Gene has come face to face with the unique challenges of the
fitness industry The combination of facility owner, cycling coach/indoor instructor, software designer, and his continued involvement in MTB racing however, has provided a unique perspective for Gene, leading him to the founding of Cycling Fusion™. Gene recently purchased Heart Zones® Cycling & Stage5 Cycling in order to create a completely independent, bike-brand-free Indoor Cycling Program called The Road Map™. Gene is also currently pioneering the live broadcasting of Indoor Cycling classes as he builds the first live and on-demand video platform dedicated to Indoor Cycling.

Dr. Carl Foster at the Indoor Cycle Instructor PRO conferenceDr. Carl Foster Carl Foster, Ph.D., FACSM, FAACVPR
Carl is the Director of the Human Performance Laboratory, is the Research Director of the CEP program, and teaches a number of courses in the curriculum (ESS 744: Laboratory Techniques in Clinical Exercise Physiology, EFN 730: Research Methods, ESS 780: Philosophy and Organization of Preventative and Rehabilitative Programs). Carl has over 20 years of clinical experience (at Sinai Samaritan Medical Center in Milwaukee) before coming to UW-L. Carl has a very active research program and has published ~250 scientific articles and chapters and 11 longer works (books/monographs/ position stands). Relevantly, he was a co-editor of the first ACSM Health and Fitness Facilities Standards and Guidelines and was on the writing task force for the joint ACSM/AHA Position Stand on Health and Fitness Facilities. Carl is highly involved in both ACSM and AACVPR. He is a Past President of ACSM and was the chairperson of the Research Committee for AACVPR. Additionally, he is the Chair of the Sports Medicine/Sports Science/Drug Testing committee for U.S. Speedskating. He is a long-time member of the scientific support team for U.S. Speedskating and was the recipient of a research grant from the International Olympic Committee to conduct studies at the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. Carl was the recipient of the M.L. Pollock Established Investigator Award from AACVPR in 2006. He was also given the Citation Award by ACSM in 2009. He is the Editor of the International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance.

Cameron Chinatti at the Indoor Cycle Instructor PRO conference Cameron Chinatti- ACE, AFAA
Cameron is the Director of Education for Foundation Fitness and Lead Developer of Stages™ Indoor Cycling. Concurrently, she serves as CEO of Sounds Fit Solutions Inc; a company dedicated to fitness and audio systems education.As a Premier Consultant for Sunshine Fitness Resources and an international presenter/lecturer, Cameron has had the opportunity to educate on numerous topics ranging from indoor cycling to fitness career development. Her recent publishing credits include work for Foundation Fitness, and multiple contributions to the IDEA Fitness Journal and IDEA Fitness Manager.A background in Opera Performance and Vocal Pedagogy has led Cameron to create a specialty niche for fitness professionals wishing to develop the health, clarity and endurance of the human voice- a teacher’s greatest asset.Cameron is currently a Master Trainer for BOSU® by Fitness Quest as well as Gliding™ by Savvier. She is a continuing education provider for ACE and AFAA holding  specialty certifications through numerous organizations. When not EduTaining in Nashville, TN., Cameron can be found entertaining and singing with Hi-Phi Entertainment based in Boulder, CO.

Pam Benchley at the indoor cycle instructor pro conferencePam Benchley-ACE, AFAA, AEA
Pam is a Master Instructor with Foundation Fitness & Stages Indoor Cycling
and has been teaching and training in the fitness world for close to 20 years. Group Fitness specialties include cardio training, kickboxing, resistance training, Step™ aerobics and aquatics. Her personal training business focuses on functional training for multi-sport athletes and individuals. Pam is a Master Trainer for BOSU® as well as a Certification Specialist for AFAA. She is a provider for many CEC workshops including BOSU®, kickboxing, functional resistance training and aquatics. She serves on the faculty at the State University of New York College at Fredonia in the department of Exercise Science and Sports Management. She also serves as a faculty member for the Special Studies program at
Chautauqua Institution, Chautauqua, N.Y.

Karen Lanman is a National Trainer for Keiser’s M3 Indoor Cycling Program. She has been teaching indoor cycling classes since 1999 and prior to Keiser, she held certifications for Spinning and Cycle Reebok. In addition, she is certified through ACSM as a Health Fitness Specialist. Karen brings over 18 years of experience to the Fitness industry as an instructor, competitive Triathlete, Fitness Director, and Fitness Educator.


Kenji Freedman is a USA Cycling Elite Level Coach and Master Instructor with Stage 5 Cycling. Seeing the role of an Instructor as being more of a coach, than a cheerleader, Kenji seeks to elevate the Instructors to see their role as a coach. Kenji’s work with the Family Reach Foundation assisting the families of children with pediatric cancer is an example we all should follow. Kenji became a Family Reach ambassador in 2008 in order to help support families fighting cancer. He turned his passions for cycling and promotion into a successful fundraising event. The Family Reach Foundation helps hundreds of  Boston-area families with a child or parent being treated at local hospitals. In his Host a Charity Ride presentation Kenji will give you the tools and inspiration you need to design and host a successful charity  fundraiser in your club or studio.

Doug Rusho at the Indoor Cycle Instructor PRO conferenceDoug Rusho was the overall top male winner of Cycling Fusions “Top Indoor Cycle Instructor” contest last year. He has searched out training methods since he was 9 years old racing BMX.  He graduated from SUNY Brockport with a B.S. in Exercise Physiology with a focus on periodization, developing explosive power for sports, and biomechanics.  He became a Certified Personal Trainer in 1995 at Midtown Athletic Club, Rochester, NY and started teaching Indoor Group Cycling in 1997 with a Keiser certification.  Doug is a Category 1 mountain bike racer and a Category 4 road racer. Doug has performed numerous IDC special events including “Cycling at the Cinema,” simulated “Race Day” events,  Yoga/cycling Fusion events, and recently launched his “Psyclewrx 2.0” periodized, power training program with tremendous success. Doug believes successful IDC classes need the right balance of exercise science, music integration, and entertainment.

Barbara Hoots, along with Amy Macgowan, is the official Hostess of the ICI/PRO Conference. “Your class is like a dinner party and your students are your guests” is the approach she uses to fill her classes and encourages others to do the same. Barbara is a STAR-3 Spinning instructor from Albany, Georgia, and recognized internationally for award winning Spinning studio designs.  She is a contributing columnist for both Spinning News and and has presented lectures at cycling conferences on how to explode the size of your class. Her recent studio design at Half Moon Resort in Jamaica was recognized as the first licensed resort in the Caribbean.


Leslie Mueller is our “Pain Prevention Specialist” and she teaches how maintaining alignment of all your joints is essential in the prevention of pain and extremely effective in speeding recovery from injury. Leslie has a B.S. Kinesiology, has been teaching health and fitness since 1990. Chronic knee pain motivated her to intensely study body mechanics and alignment, which enabled her to return to running and triathlons. She is passionate about teaching exercises that decrease pain by addressing body alignment and encouraging optimal function.

Chuck Cali has lived his life on the cutting edge. Always a fitness enthusiast, Chuck approached the hard lessons of small business management with vigor while participating in group exercise at local gyms, always maintaining his fitness and competitive edge. He considers exercise at a gym to be “the original social networking site,” one that unlike today’s online iterations actually helps keep you fit. During his time at the gym, Chuck was introduced to Johnny G’s Spinning. “I was hooked from the first class, and it motivated me to take my fitness to another level.” After selling his business four years ago, Chuck got certified as an indoor cycle instructor and has continued to instruct new pilots while exploring a golf-related business. The experience of certification taught Chuck just how much he needed to learn about fitness, wellness and exercise. Having risen to that new challenge, the energetic 57 year-old is now tirelessly working with Sally Edwards to Get America Fit.

With a doctorate in sports psychology, Dr. Kathryn C. Wilder is an award-winning cyclist, prolific author, certified trainer, popular professor, key adviser to global corporations and fitness entrepreneur. From her base in the Delaware Valley, she spearheads a multi-faceted fitness revolution for recreational and elite athletes, teams, companies, educational institutions and communities.

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